I always ask my clients to consider, "What would your dog want?"

The weaponizing, humanizing and bargaining of pets occurs too often in divorce. Understanding what the dog actually needs is the most effective way to help both humans and animals. 

This is the first online Pet Custody Course for mediators, lawyers and judges that provides animal-focused education to learn how best to meet the needs of dogs involved in a separation.

The humane approach to pet custody.

Laws are slowly changing to recognize that dogs, and all pets, are different from property and that their needs must be taken into account in court custody decisions. Lawyers have clients fighting over pet custody and divorce mediators are getting more and more requests for animal mediation.

However, while mediators are skilled in facilitating the best possible outcomes for their human clients, making sound recommendations around animal custody is not a simple matter. Judges, mediators, and lawyers require a special skill set when faced with a dog custody situation. Dogs are unique; they need to be considered differently to children, couches and bank accounts. 

This webinar series is designed to educate mediators, lawyers, and judges and offer them  practical tools to answer the following questions:


18th / 25th / 1st Feb                   12:00 Noon -1:30pm EST           (9:00am – 10:30 PST)                  Cost: $250

When assessing the situation, where do you start?

What questions should you ask to determine what is best for the dog?

What factors need to be taken into account to make a fair decision?

I bring a unique background to the divorce mediation circle with more than 25 years working with families and dogs as an animal behaviourist and dog trainer.  My years of experience helping dogs who were traumatized and suffering after a poor custody plan inspired me to educate people involved in making decisions about dogs and divorce.  

After qualifying as an international divorce mediator in 2020, I now work as a speaker, teacher and consultant within the divorce community so dogs needs are understood and pet custody agreements are centred around their wellbeing. 

During the course we cover the following:

students testimonials

"Karis is the BEST pet custody specialist you could ever hope to work with if you have pets and are getting divorced."
Debra Vey Voda-Hamiltion,
"I enjoyed the webinar a great deal! Karis is an excellent presenter and the information she provided is unique and thorough. "
Laura Dadagian-O'Rourke
"Thank you Karis for a very informative, interesting and fun course. You're a great communicator and highly skilled in what you do."
Shelley-Ann Salisbury

The Pet Custody Course is conducted online & live, over a period of three weeks, with time for questions and answers in each 90min session.


18th / 25th / 1st Feb                                                                                       12:00 Noon -1:30pm EST  (9:00am – 10:30 PST)                         Cost: $250

Each course is open to a limited number of participants, providing everyone with time to ask questions relevant to their practice. Please fill out the form below to reserve your seat for the next course in January 2022. 

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