I have worked professionally with dogs, cats, and birds and their people as a dog trainer and animal behaviour consultant since 1996.

I’ve worked with many dogs, their families and the dynamics that arise from different combinations of personalities of people and breeds of dog. Originally from the USA, I moved to South Africa in 2005 where I have been lucky to work with cheetahs, elephants as well as household dogs.

Helping dogs after divorce who were displaying signs of stress and behavior problems brought my attention to the need for animal focused mediation about ‘who keeps the dog’ so that the best plan for the dog’s future well-being is put in place.

My training as an accredited family mediator allows me to combine the expertise in the area of divorce mediation with my knowledge of dog behavior. These two skills, mediation and animal behavior, enables me to keep the best interest of the dog in the forefront of the conversations and stay in a neutral position between the people at what can be a hugely stressful and emotional time.

“I always recommend Karis for any puppy socializing or behavior issues you might have with your dogs or cats. She has given me some great tips with my own animals and I trust her fully. She’s great at what she does.”