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Pet Custody

But what about the dog?

 2 FEB, 2021  FILED UNDER: PODCASTS Following up on last week’s conversation about dividing personal property, we realized that pets are considered property too. But you can’t

Helping Dogs manage lockdown

    A DOG TRAINER IS TEACHING YOU TRICKS TO TRAIN YOUR DOG AT HOME 20 APR, 2020 During a press conference last week, it

Can dogs find their way home?

There are many dogs who have made headlines for their homing instincts, but not all of them have it. A dog that was presumed lost

Heart FM Radio Interview

We had a question, well more of a comment in from a listener a few weeks ago about difficulties faced when couples split and there’s

Radio interview with Pippa Hudson

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why do pets matter in divorce?

  Karis Nafte – The Pet Custody Consultant on ”Why Do Pets Matter?” with Debra Hamilton Podcast #148 August 20, 2020     Divorce is

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