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Divorce Dialogues Radio interview

Divorce Dialogues Broadcast Radio In this interview, I discuss the basics of Pet Custody. How to approach the subject of custody with regards to children, shared custody, mediation and how to determine what is best for the dogs. Listen Here Linkedin Instagram + 27 73-729-8194 / karis@whokeepsthedog.com © 2021 All rights Reserved. Design by EytanOnline

Pets in Divorce

How do we best look after pets in divorce? What is the best way to ‘say goodbye’ whether for a week or for forever? Shared custody, is this a good or a bad thing from a dog’s point of view? What is it about divorce that is the hardest thing for a pet and how …

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Why do pets matter?

Why do pets matter? “Why Do Pets Matter” podcast. Debra Hamilton and I discuss the three most common pitfalls that people fall into with pets and divorce; Humanizing, Weaponizing and Bargaining. Without even realizing it, most couples fall into one of these three categories. Here we discuss these realities, how to recognize them and change …

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Post lockdown life with dogs

Happy to have been interviewed for the VICE article about post lockdown life with dogs and how to approach a separation with pets. https://www.vice.com/en/article/y3dvk5/pandemic-puppy-dog-separation-anxiety Linkedin Instagram + 27 73-729-8194 karis@whokeepsthedog.com © 2021 All rights Reserved. Design by Eytan Nafte

Pet Custody Guidelines

Pet custody guidelines for divorce professionals These five guidelines for mediators are aimed to encourage the two parties to put the pet’s long-term wellbeing first. Overly humanizing pets does them a disservice, however, bringing in their point of view is very important when making a long-term plan for their future.  We are all familiar with …

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But what about the dog?

 2 FEB, 2021  FILED UNDER: PODCASTS Following up on last week’s conversation about dividing personal property, we realized that pets are considered property too. But you can’t actually split them, so what do you do? Turns out, that’s what the Pet Custody Expert is for. We invite Karis Nafte to the Toaster, a dog trainer and animal …

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